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15 Jul

Second Wouri Bridge – Demolitions Intensify Near Project Site

Published by Nombissi K B Bless

Second Wouri Bridge – Demolitions Intensify Near Project Site
Second Wouri Bridge – Demolitions Intensify Near Project Site
Second Wouri Bridge – Demolitions Intensify Near Project Site

Many storey buildings and shops were recently flattened in Rond Point Deido.

As construction of the second Wouri Bridge enters high gear, so too are bulldozers of companies involved in the widening of roads leading to the bridge. The bulldozers recently pulled down houses and business centres near Rond Point Deido after a 48-hour ultimatum to occupants. One of the victims, who preferred anonymity, said though they were warned years back that the zone will be demolished, the 48-hour deadline was not enough to secure a home and move belongings.

The abrupt demolition gave room for hoodlums to snatch household equipment and traders’ merchandise in the guise of lending a helping hand. The commotion at Rond Point Deido that led to the loss of valuable belongings by some landlords, tenants and businessmen, was equally an opportunity for unemployed youths and adults to bring in hand saws and heavy nail cutters for cutting scrap metal. According to a scrap metal trader, Jonathan F, who gathered over 70 kilogrammes the day after demolition, the money will help purchase basic school needs like exercise books, school bag and shoes.

Another man who refused to be named said though the demolition was a big blow to house owners, he used the opportunity to make money for his family since he has no full-time job. Construction of the second Wouri Bridge and road widening projects linked to the bridge has been stepped up. The Rond Point-Bonaberi-Ndobo stretch is witnessing some progress. The advancement of work has reduced the terrible daily traffic jams on the stretch, though gridlocks are witnessed once in a while.

Cameroon Tribune

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