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03 Mar

Cameroon - Health: Where are the Bill Gates of 2.1 billion CFA francs available for the vaccination of children?

Published by Nombissi K B Bless

The sum was squandered between 2008 and 2011 the Technical Secretariat of the Steering Committee of the Health Sector Strategy.

This case has so far remained in the background. The daily Le Jour in its edition of March 2, 2016 wrote that " the French online newspaper Mediapart, in an article published on February 23 comes to reveal the contours ."

You should know that since 2001, Cameroon is among the countries that benefit from donations of Gavi Alliance . Gavi Alliance is an organization whose founder is the American billionaire Bill Gates . The organization created in 2000 as a field of action between other financing programs vaccination in so-called " poor ". And so it is for this reason that Cameroon receives this assistance. " But instead of serving to vaccination, the money has been hijacked by a massive system of false invoices. More than 3.5 million about 2.1 billion CFA francs have evaporated , "it said in the article by Mediapart Fanny Pigeaud sign. It is learned that this Sister is based on an audit report by the Cameroon dispatched auditors on site by the organization Gavi.

It is in 2011 that the rumors about mismanagement of the gift began. The organization concerned by these persistent rumors will therefore conduct an audit on the period from 2008 to 2011. It should be noted that the project is managed in Cameroon by the Technical Secretariat of the Steering Committee of the Health Sector Strategy . This is one of the many structures within the Ministry of Health (MOH). The audit carried out, it shows a confirmation of what was previously a rumor. " The implementation of Gavi program is totally incompatible with the basic rules of good management regardless of the reference standards that can be discussed ," say the auditors cited Mediapart . The amount of " fraud " anomalies and irregularities is assessed by the said auditors' a little more than 2.1 billion CFA francs . "

The diary of Haman Mana indicated that the government had to reimburse Gavi Alliance diverted alleged sum. Information that is also indicated in Mediapart . " Not only that money came from outside was not used to improve health as it was supposed to, but Cameroon has had to make Gavi, take the money in its coffers that will not serve not more ... Cameroon to treat them , "wrote Fanny Pigeaud.

According to information obtained by the newspaper, the Special Criminal Court is already seized of this matter.

Liliane J. Ndangue

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